All these features come with all of our seedbox plans

- Unmetered bandwidth
- Unlimited active torrents
- VPN with seedbox IP (on request)
- HTTP(S) download site
- Secure FTP access (with FXP support)
- ruTorrent client with 30+ plugins
- Technical support
- Instant setup

Unmetered bandwidth
With unmetered bandwidth, we do not monitor your data transfers. But if you on a shared server, you will share the network with other users.

Unlimited active torrents
You can have unlimited active torrents, the limit is only your hard drive space.

VPN with seedbox IP (on request)
OpenVPN config can be used on Windows PC, Mac, Android, and Apple phones.

HTTP(S) download site
A private URL to your download folder.

Secure FTP access
All FTP info included in the welcome email.

FTP with FXP support
Move your files between 2 servers with only drag and drop using an FTP client that supports FXP like FlashFXP.

Public trackers
Limited support. Unlimited download speed, 1MB/s (8Mbit/s) upload until 2.0 ratio.

ruTorrent client with 30+ plugins

Plugin list:

- Erase data
- Trafic
- Edit
- Retrackers
- Cookies
- Auto tools
- Data dir
- Track labels
- Geo IP
- Show peers like wTorrent
- Seeding time
- Diskspace
- Get dir
- Source
- Chunks
- Data
- CPU load
- Extsearch
- Theme
- Login manager
- ruTorrent label management suite
- Logoff
- Pause
- Instant search
- File drop
- History
- iPad
- Feeds
- Media information
- RSS URL rewrite
- Rutracker check
- Noty
- Task
- Filemanager

Technical support
Support via ticket, email, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

Instant setup
You'll get an email once you complete the payment, it contains all the information to access your services.

Need something that isn't listed?
create a ticket and we will get back to you shortly.